Carpal Tunnel Hero 3

Setlists Dec 11, 2021

It's here.

700 songs. Years of work. The final instalment of the legendary series. The biggest Clone Hero setlist of all time. This is Carpal Tunnel Hero 3.

What started as a team of 4 organised by jdurandTV in 2016 has become our greatest effort, with more hours poured into this than any other setlist, and with a longer development time than any other setlist. We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Leaderboards coming tomorrow!

Download Opus Download Google Drive Backup Leaderboard
Organisers ឵឵
jdurandTV Miscellany Haggis
Peddy xX760Xx
Charters ឵឵
3-UP 7777Villain Angevil
Aren Eternal Big Whoop Magazine BurpLeTurtle
Chaotrope Chemfinal Chezy
CyclopsDragon DaiJyoubs EvaCH
Froogs gaebpls GHX
Haggis Hodor1355 HellAshes
iZenPenguin Jackie Jarvis9999
Jaded jdurandTV JoeyD
LemonGH Mintorment Miscellany
NarugaKuga ngills NunoVH
OrangeHat Paturages Peddy
PHILANTHROPE Raspberriel Rek3dge
Revelsa Spachi Stickheadz32
Supahfast198 Supradyke Sidney600
Sygenysis TFG85 ThundahK
torqqes Tris255 XEntombmentX
xX760Xx Yenlow73 ΩHM
Testers ឵឵
Stickheadz32 just_tinaaa randyladyman


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