Charters Jan 22, 2018

TFG85 began to use a charting software in early 2018 because he wanted to play his favorite song on Clone Hero™, but had no other choice but to chart it by himself because nobody else had a music taste bad enough to consider charting such a terrible song.  jdurand, after seeing how horrible the songs he charted were, had mercy and decided to invite him in the Custom Songs Central® community. At this moment, TFG knew that his life had changed and decided to dedicate all his heart and soul into publishing new content for the game in a pace that remains unmatched to these days, with an average of 1 (one) chart published per year.

Appears on...

឵឵ Setlists: ឵឵
Marathon Hero Marathon Hero 2
Monthly Packs: ឵឵
November 2018 June 2018

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Personal YouTube

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