jdurand (Jeremy) has been around since the very beginnings of the community, and started charting songs as early as 2007. Jeremy is the head organizer of the Carpal Tunnel Hero setlist series and was one of the founders of Custom Songs Central. Jeremy has also been featured on setlists such as Open Note Hero, Vortex Hero, Marathon Hero and the CSC Monthly Packs. Carpal Tunnel Hero 3 is confirmed to be released by the end of 2019 as well as a remaster of the 1st Carpal Tunnel Hero, with better charts and extra goodies.

Favorite genres to chart: Jazz Fusion, Progressive/Power Metal.

Appears on...

Anti Hero 2
Marathon Hero
Vortex Hero
Galactic Astro Domination Hero 1
Carpal Tunnel Hero 2
Carpal Tunnel Hero

Monthly Packs:
August 2019
July 2019
February 2019
October 2018
September 2018
June 2018

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