An EDM fanatic and a living LED incarnate, Aren has been lurking around in the community since 2008, but her true charting story starts in September 2017. Fed up with the way EDM was popularly charted in the community, she took it upon herself to chart and share the music she loved, but at a level that more average players could enjoy.

In summer 2018, she joined Anti Hero to make her first contribution to a major setlist project, on Anti Hero: Beach Episode, where she learned about the ins and outs of setlist organization. Later that summer, in August, she was invited to become a member of CSC.

Shortly after this, she began her efforts in designing her own setlist project - Circuit Breaker. Still determined to show the greater note hitting community that EDM songs could be reasonable to play, Circuit Breaker was meant to show off playable electronic charts to an audience wider than her own personal chart channel.

Outside of charting, Aren streams Clone Hero on her Twitch channel, which focuses more on the visual aspect of the stream via flashing lights and music visualization, than it does on her actual (not great) gameplay.

Appears on...

Circuit Breaker
Anti Hero: Beach Sides
Marathon Hero
Anti Hero: Beach Episode

Monthly Packs:
December 2018
November 2018
October 2018
September 2018


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