Aren Eternal

Charters Aug 17, 2018

Aren Eternal began her charting career in the height of the FOF forums, back in 2012. Previously charting under the disgusting name of ShadowLance9, she charted stuff all over the damn place and didn't really have any consistency, or skill. During this period, she only charted for herself, and rarely shared her completed tracks.

Upon Clone Hero's explosion in late 2017, she made the jump from playing Phase Shift quietly on her own, to becoming a part of the Clone Hero community. After sifting through many years of old EDM and dubstep charts made for the old GH3 customs scene, she quickly grew sick and tired of the selection available. At the time, EDM charts were few and far between, not to mention quite frequently overcharted to all hell. Frustrated with what she had found, she took it upon herself to revamp what the community expected from EDM in Clone Hero.

It's here where her CH journey truly began, September of 2017. Over the next few months, she would begin to work heavily on making the visual aesthetic of her charts very iconic and recognizable. Over time, she grew her fan base and became the charter well known and loved today for charting almost exclusively EDM and being an advocate of accessibility within the game's space.

The beginning of 2018 also marked the beginning of her path towards becoming a staple of the community, with her entrance to Twitch, where she began to regularly stream gameplay of Clone Hero, notable for her iconic LED-guitar setup, and very visually-focused stream aesthetic. Over time, her stream and surrounding support base grew, and her place in the community was cemented. It was there on-stream in May of 2018 where she came out as trans, describing her journey, and living through much of her transition with her fans, continuing to be a voice of support and welcoming, leading many fellow note hitters to feel comfortable enough to come out, and feel welcome in the community.

Late 2018 to mid 2020 also marked her time as a community manager for the Clone Hero development team. Mainly known for her time spent writing dev updates, and making minor tweaks inside the game, her involvement was a great experience for her to learn a lot about being a CM, and learning about game dev. Her position came to an end due to health issues causing her to take a leave of absence and become very inactive within her duties.

Aren has also been involved in a number of extremely well-received projects by the community. Her introduction to setlists via Anti Hero: Beach Episode in 2018 taught her a lot about setlist organization and collaboration. Using this new confidence to organize Circuit Breaker, releasing it to the world in March of 2019. Following CB, she began to work on Focal Point, eventually being brought on as a co-organizer of the setlist. After about a year long hiatus from CSC, she returns feeling more welcomed and happy to chart than ever, looking forward to participating and collaborating into the foreseeable future. She is currently working on Focal Point 2 with Jackie, as well as planning some things for the future 👀

As for her time outside of the CH space, she greatly enjoys another rhythm game, Spin Rhythm XD, which she also frequently charts for and streams, as well as just hanging out with friends in discord VCs and shooting people in Modern Warfare.

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Circuit Breaker Marathon Hero Anti Hero: Beach Episode
Focal Point 2 Marathon Hero 2
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Anti Hero: Beach Sides
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