November 2021 - Bizarro 2

Quarterly & Monthly Packs Nov 6, 2021

Not to be confused with the Superman clone, Bizarro is back to bring you the weirdest and most intriguing music we could've thought about!

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This Month's Patrons: ឵឵
3-UP Aaron C Ace
Alex Al Alex Van Damme AlphaX79
Anonymous Ash ataeaf
BakedFishy Ben Plath Bill Bouman
Brutesmile Caret Chezy
Chris Langietti Christian Rousselle Crashy
Daniel Richter Dico1337 Dillon Aitken
djentlee Dylan O'Quinn Dyllan Kayes
Eiriksson Emma Rhea Gabe
Grant Heath HOGUE86 Jacob Kirk
Jaeden7060 Jake A Jake O
JiTeuBey Kaiser_Willem keppetor
KhromaticScale Kristian Bouboukis Krystal Youngman
Kyle Adams LaamasenJupe0 Le Tasty
Le Vagoo LightlessWalk Mike Mackay
Murk17 Nat NB Rainer
NeroSomething Noah Peppin Quentin MERIAUX
R4ptor666 Ryan Hougland Shama
Skepparn Stephen Treiber Supahfast198
Swimster05 Tabitha Donley TheWaffleWizard
Trey Keating Tyler Merwitz van wolfe
whatever man William dawe


Car BombSecrets Within
Combustible EdisonTickled to Death
CrankySekiheki, Dai Enjo!! (feat. Omoshiro Sangokushi)
György LigetiMusica ricercata: No. 1, Sostenuto
Jerobeam FendersonSpirals
John CageSonatas and Interludes: Sonata V
Linus ÅkessonA Mind Is Born
Made In MexicoRemote Control Secrets
Melt-BananaInfection Defective
OrangeHat & MiscellanyThe Duel (feat. BurpLeTurtle)
Queens of the Stone AgeI'm Designer
Ruby My DearClinpf Eepwoof
SintelI wish i were a bird
Sleepytime Gorilla MuseumThe Donkey Headed Adversary of Humanity Opens the Discussion
SungazerDrunk (Live)
Tardigrade InfernoExecution is Fun!
They Might Be GiantsThe Statues Got Me High
Toy DollsDig That Groove Baby
UtopianistiWóókh Ztadás

Also including Poppy's "I Disagree" album!


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