Marathon Hero 2

Setlists Jan 8, 2021
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IMPORTANT: To speed up the song scanning process after downloading MH2, go to your songs folder, right click and select properties after adding MH2 to it and let it figure out how large your songs folder is. Once it displays the figure, proceed with the scan; this dramatically improves scan speed.

Marathon Hero 2 is CSC's biggest and boldest project to date, some four times larger than its predecessor. Featuring 50 hours of music, an eye-popping 27 solo medleys, 7 full albums, a 12-hour long chart, and one of the broadest genre spreads of any CSC setlist release, there truly is something for every player.

Marathon Hero 2 is enhanced further by its 2 DLCs - the Full Albums Pack, containing charts of the individual songs of each of the 7 full albums, and the Ayreon Forever Saga Pack, containing charts of the individual songs of the 12-hour Forever Saga. We strongly recommend downloading both below. Please read the included readme to install Marathon Hero 2 DLC correctly. When installed correctly, the Full Albums DLC will blend seamlessly into your main setlist!

View the setlist score leaderboards here

Check which songs are considered stream-safe with regards to DMCA notices on Twitch here

Full Albums DLC
Ayreon Forever Saga DLC
Lead Organizer ឵឵
--- --- ---
Co-Organizers ឵឵
CyclopsDragon Jaded Miscellany
ΩHM Sygenysis XEntombmentX
--- --- ---
Charters ឵឵
3-UP Aren Eternal BigWhoopMagazine
BulbaSaruman BurpLeTurtle Chemfinal
Chezy CyclopsDragon gaebpls
GuitarZero132 HellAshes Jaded
jdurandTV JRabes LemonGH
Mintorment Miscellany ΩHM
OrangeHat Paturages Peddy
Raspberriel Supahfast198 Supradyke
Sygenysis TFG85 ThundahK
torqqes XEntombmentX xX760Xx
NunoVH iZenPenguin


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