Mintorment (real name Adam) first ventured into the world of charting in 2015, starting out by creating two Metal Gear Solid medleys in GHTunes, inspired by Vyzzuvazzadth's Final Fantasy medleys. Later that year he began to explore creating charts for GH3PC, thus truly beginning his spiral into madness.

Adam's involvement in the community was quite minimal until late 2018 when he became a verified charter. Even then it didn't truly pick up until 2019, which saw him get involved with large setlists such as Blanket Statement and Anti Hero 2, join the CH Discord's staff team as a Charting Helper, and contribute to two CSC Monthly Packs before being invited to CSC itself in June.

"Minty Adam" has been producing electronic music since 2008, releasing works under the 'Mintorment' name since mid-2012. He also plays a bit of piano, guitar and drums, and occasionally works as a freelance composer. 2019 saw a revived interest in charting his own music for Clone Hero, with his work appearing in the two aforementioned setlists.

Adam primarily enjoys charting video game and electronic music, with those making up the large majority of music he has charted as of joining CSC.

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Anti Hero 2

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