DJMax Pack II

Song Packs and Full Albums Jul 17, 2020
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DJMax Pack II is a 45-song Clone Hero chart pack featuring music from the DJMax rhythm game series, from DJMax Online all the way up to the latest release, DJMax Respect V. In addition to DJMax staple artists such as NieN, ESTi, Forte Escape, Paul Bazooka, makou, etc., fans of other Asian rhythm games may also find some recognizable artists such as cranky, M2U, t+pazolite, xi, and Sampling Masters MEGA.

Every song in the pack features a video background recorded straight from DJMax Respect at 1080p (and 60fps where applicable). But if you'd like to save the storage space, you can also download the pack without the video backgrounds. In addition, the pack also comes with an optional icon you can add to your game.

(Some videos included may contain flashing lights of varying intensity, please keep this in mind if you are sensitive to such things).


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