Everyone needs a good laugh from time to time. That's why we're bringing  you a pack dedicated to comedy artists, parody music, and overall goofy  songs. Just don't laugh like Tidus.

You can download the pack here or here, and you can find the Clone Hero Score Challenges leaderboard for this month here.


"Weird Al" Yankovic - Bob
"Weird Al" Yankovic - Lasagna
Annihilator - Chicken and Corn
Anthrax - I'm the Man
Bo Burnham - Sad
brentalfloss - Wii Shop Channel With Lyrics
Electric Six - Down At McDonnelzzz
Finn M-K - Steamed Hams But It's a Piano Dub
Hot Dad - I Am the Chowder Man
KNOWER - Pizza
Little Big - Faradenza
Nanowar of Steel - Fight the Dragon for the Village
Richard Cheese - Chop Suey! (System of a Down cover)
Steel Panther - Community Property
Tenacious D - Master Exploder
The Lonely Island - Sax Man (feat. Jack Black)
Tim Minchin - If I Didn't Have You (Live)
xxdbxx - Taekwonburi
Zimmers Hole - That's How Drunks Drink