November 2020 - Short Songs

Quarterly & Monthly Packs Nov 7, 2020

No time to explain, only time for short songs!

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This Month's Patrons: ឵឵
3-UP Aleksander Beritsveen Alex Van Damme
Ash BakedFishy Bidoux
Caleb Murray Chezy chris hearns
Corkybarks Dillon Aitken Emma Rhea
Gabe gregory welsh Jacob Kirk
Jaeden7060 Jen Pettitt John Wagner
Josh Weiss Juice Kevin Youngman
KhromaticScale legodan Le Tasty
Le Vagoo Levi Carter Liam Gervais
LightlessWalk Mintorment moocartoons
Nat NeroSomething Noah Peppin
Not Alastor PM Robert
Ryan Hougland Shama Skepparn
Stephen Treiber TheWaffleWizard Tyler Merwitz
Van Wolfe whatever man William dawe


Akira Yamaoka - Dog Ending
Bill Wurtz - window pain
Blitz Lunar - Go!! SuperHappyMagicSpecial
Blotted Science - Oscillation Cycles
Bluetube - Boomerang Generic
Buzz Busby - Talking Banjo
Camellia - Iro Wo Ushinatta Machi (feat. Camellia)
Car Bomb - Auto-Named
Cellar Darling - Water
Clown Core - Computers
Counterparts - Thieves
Descendents - All
Descendents - No, All!
Donots - Das Neue bleibt beim Alten (feat. Tim McIlrath)
Eliminate - Conversations With a Family Sedan
Ghost - fuck it
I love you Orchestra - Fake Rock'n'roll, Fuck Off
Instant Reality - On Divine Manifestation; Theophania
Kevin Sherwood - Damned
Liam Lynch - United States of Whatever
Machinae Supremacy - Archangels of Sidaroth
makou - Voyage
Moon Tooth - Bats in the Attic
Mr. Oizo - Edn
Nails - You Will Never Be One of Us
Napalm Death - You Suffer Pt. 2
Neil Cicierega - Whitehouse
Neil D. Voss - Birthday Bumps
oolXloo - Post Apex
Pantera - Blue Lite Turnin' Red
POLYSICS - Introduction!
Rhapsody of Fire - Elnor's Magic Valley
RichaadEB - Eyes of Flame
Rise Against - Join The Ranks
Schoolly D - Aqua Teen Hunger Force Theme
Silverstein - Short Songs (Full Album)
Steve Vai - Still Running
Tee Lopes - Egg Reverie Zone (Pinch Mode)
Tentacle Witches - Anime Girl Huffs Condensed Plasma
The Algorithm - _MOS
The Beach Boys - Fun, Fun, Fun
Toby Fox - The La2t Frontiier
Tommy Tallarico - Banjo Race
Van Halen - One Foot Out the Door
Varra - Birdo II


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