Anti Hero 2

Setlists Aug 18, 2019
Download Google Drive Backup Songlist / FC Tracker

The biggest and most anticipated setlist of 2019 is here! Featuring 365 songs, over 25 medleys, exclusive original music, 8 exciting full albums, and professionally-executed modcharts, Anti Hero 2 is guaranteed to become a staple in everyone's Clone Hero rotation!

As the first ever setlist to include background images for every single chart, AH2 sets itself apart from all other projects, not to mention its high quality standards, meticulous attention to detail, and unrivaled presentation. The Anti Hero Team have set out to lead the charge in the customs community once again, and Anti Hero 2 is sure to be a game-changer and a point of reference for years to come!

Co-Organizers ឵឵
CyclopsDragon Jaded Jaeden7060
Siavash Sygenysis xX760Xx
Charters ឵឵
Arctan BurpLeTurtle Chemfinal
Chezy Dillski EvaCH
gaebpls GuitarZero132 JoeyD
Mintorment Miscellany Paturages
Raspberriel Riddo Supahfast198
ThundahK XEntombmentX
Testers ឵឵
Kevin Y. saxmanadam Tricky_98
Graphics/Video Editor ឵឵
Guest Charters ឵឵
Archwk BigWhoopMagazine courtmanche437
HaleyHalcyon jarvis9999 jdurand11143
NunoVH oRizho Roy Knight
Sidney600 Smoochums Thesnakerox


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