Testers and More Sep 10, 2019

Huh. Well this is a thing now, I guess.

A complete stranger to the GH/RB community before Clone Hero, Jaeden joined the Clone Hero discord in December of 2017 and in 5 days she obtained the Helper position on the server. Since then, she has climbed the ranks and created the Head Admin position on the server, which she later stepped down from and handed the title over to Kevin Y.

Jaeden's involvement with CSC began with the final days of testing of Anti Hero: Beach Episode. She's helped with testing every single Anti Hero release since then, and while she isn't exactly able to test expert-only charts effectively due to her skill level, she is able to give a more casual perspective on charts and finds other things that may need touching up on charts.

With a love/hate relationship for full difficulty testing due to spending an unhealthy amount of time testing a large portion of charts and difficulties in the last couple of days before Redemption Arc's release, she still happily offers her help for testing any full difficulty chart that comes her way. She's probably also one of the few, if not the only person who's played every single chart and difficulty on Redemption Arc. While RA was still getting charts made for it and testing was still going on, she was brought into CSC to help with testing full difficulty on the CSC Monthly Packs and maintaining the CSC website because of her work with Anti Hero projects.

Currently, she spends her time helping out with moderating the CH Discord and CSC Discord, testing Monthly Packs and other charts that CSC charters want her to look over, and does most of the maintaining for this website! I've touched every single page on this website, in one way or another 😊

឵឵ Setlists: ឵឵
Anti Hero 2 Redemption Arc Anti Hero: Beach Sides
Anti Hero: Beach Episode



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