That's right, it's your boy. JoeyD started his charting career in May of 2018, and became an official member of CSC in August of the same year. His CSC debut was a chart of The Bomb by Herbie Hancock, which he contributed as a guest charter for the August 2018 Monthly Pack.

What makes JoeyD stand out? Nobody was charting video game music until Joey showed up and straight-up copied torqqes who was already making Cuphead charts. Actually turns out lots of people were charting video game music. So Joey started to do that also. And now -- wow guys, he's widely considered the "go-to kid" for all VG charts. Joey also pretty much charts anything with a jazzy or funky vibe. How interesting.

Joey's proudest charting accomplishment is probably the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe pack, which includes 19 songs from the soundtrack, with both Guitar and Bass tracks in Expert. Check it out!

Appears on...

Anti Hero 2
Circuit Breaker
Redemption Arc

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February 2019
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December 2018
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September 2018
August 2018

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