Charters Apr 14, 2018

That's right, it's your boy. JoeyD started his charting career in May of 2018, and became an official member of CSC in August of the same year. His CSC debut was a chart of The Bomb by Herbie Hancock, which he contributed as a guest charter for the August 2018 Monthly Pack.

What makes JoeyD stand out? Nobody was charting video game music until Joey showed up and straight-up copied torqqes who was already making Cuphead charts. Actually turns out lots of people were charting video game music. So Joey started to do that also. And now -- wow guys, he's widely considered the "go-to kid" for all VG charts. Joey also pretty much charts anything with a jazzy or funky vibe. How interesting.

Joey's proudest charting accomplishment is probably the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe pack, which includes 19 songs from the soundtrack, with both Guitar and Bass tracks in Expert. Check it out!

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Redemption Arc
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