September 2018 - Video Games

Quarterly & Monthly Packs Sep 7, 2018

Here it is - the first ever CSC Monthly Pack to feature full difficulty, so that everyone can rock along, no matter how good they are at the game. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!

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Akira Yamaoka - True
Atsuko Asahi - Mario Kart 8 Theme
Breaking Benjamin - Blow Me Away
Christopher Stevens and Tim Clarke - Fusion
Hideki Nagamura - Funky Dealer
Jake "virt" Kaufman - The Defender (Black Knight Battle)
Jaroslav Beck - Commercial Pumping
Jonathan Young - Pokerap (feat. Ahren Grey, Austin Dickey and Travis Carte)
Karmaflow Band & Metropole Orkest - The Creator and the Destroyer (feat. Simone Simons & Dani Filth)
Kingdom Hearts II - Lazy Afternoons
Machinae Supremacy - Theme from Jets'n'Guns
Mick Gordon - BFG Division
Mick Gordon - Type-03
Myrone - Touge Run
Riot Games Music Team - Get Jinxed (feat. Agnete Kjolsrud)
Stemage - Super Metroid Metal - Boss Medley
Takuya Kobayashi - Life Is Beautiful
Tee Lopes - Hydrocity Zone (nokbient Remix)
Turret - The Space Cadet Returns
Yuko Komiyama and Akemi Kimura - Central White


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