Circuit Breaker

Setlists Mar 29, 2019
Download Backup mirror #1 (Google Drive) Backup mirror #2 (MEGA) Individual songs (Google Drive) Stand-alone CB Highways Songlist / FC Tracker

Circuit Breaker is a setlist focused on music on the electronic spectrum. Featuring full difficulty, custom highways, a boss-rush tiering system, and over 115 pure bangers. You wanted a setlist that doesn't have lots of filler and obscure Deathcore? This is the one for you!

Charters ឵឵
Angevil Aren Eternal BigWhoopMagazine
Chezy CyclopsDragon EvaCH
gaebpls GanonMetroid Geo
Jackie Jaded JoeyD
Miscellany OrangeHat Paturages
Siavash Supahfast Supradyke
Sygenysis torqqes XEntombmentX
Testers ឵឵
JRabes Serena Kagame Shoop'd


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