Supra (Crystal) started playing Guitar-based rhythm games since the first Guitar Hero came out in the year 1 B.H. (Before HOPOs). She would later proceed to play Guitar Hero 2, Rocks the 80's, 3, and On Tour, before taking a break and skipping a few games and ending off with mostly playing Warriors of Rock (and World Tour, to an almost non-existent extent in comparison), where she would spend a good couple years becoming obsessed with the leveling up and star collection enough to FC songs such as Speeding, Fight Fire With Fire, This Day We Fight, and Scatterbrain (Live) on the WoR engine twice each, among many others (on the Wii, no less)

Supra started charting to put her own compositions into GH3 in mid 2017, and transitioned into Clone Hero not long after. While most of her charts over the years have been in relation to her still growing music project Instant Reality (whose name came from the Guitar Hero World Tour random band name generator), over time she delved into charting more of other things, namely VGM charts, Electronic based genres, and to a lesser extent, guitar based genres.

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Circuit Breaker ឵឵ Marathon Hero 2
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Helltaker Track Pack Facelift Pack 2
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