Charters May 4, 2018

Jackie (previously known as 2DHumanity) accidentally began her own charting career by joining the Frets On Fire fan forums in early 2014 while looking for more Dream Theater charts to play, however it wouldn't be until mid-2016 that any of her charts would see play outside of her own group of friends. She established her particular charting niche rather early on, turning her attention to more shreddy and guitar-centric songs, and especially neoclassical and power metal. Phase Shift Guitar Project 3 (PSGP3) would be Jackie's setlist debut, featuring charts of classic metal songs such as Hall of the Mountain King by Savatage, Scream of Anger by Europe, and Don't Look Back by Joe Stump, an artist that would become a recurring theme in her charting career. After the release of PSGP3, Jackie was eager to continue charting for setlists, but they were much rarer back in 2017 than they are now.

Growing impatient with waiting for PSGP4's development to be announced by mid-2017, she contacted Sygenysis, a huge inspiration for her and the organizer of PSGP3, and asked if she could begin and run PSGP4 herself. He agreed, and so PSGP4 was announced and chart submissions were opened. Throughout the submission process, many charters commented on her more in-depth than usual QA process than previous PSGP entries, something that was frustrating to some and welcomed by others. Notable charts from PSGP4 included Jacky Vincent's Fatal Envy and the infamous Dream Theater Solo Medley. PSGP4 also featured two of her earliest original songs, as she had begun writing music in mid-2016, adopting the name Aeon Bridge in mid-2017.

Towards the end of PSGP4's development, Jackie was approached by Siavash about the growing popularity of Clone Hero and the resulting mass-exodus from Phase Shift to this new rhythm game. With less than a week's time until the planned release of the setlist, Jackie and Siavash began testing charts for incompatibilities with Clone Hero and rushing to fix any that were encountered. The setlist was barely finished in time for a simultaneous Phase Shift and Clone Hero release of the setlist.

Jackie and Siavash immediately began planning for a setlist that would be the first major setlist release exclusively for Clone Hero. This is the setlist that became known as Anti Hero, and was a crucial setlist for establishing the migrating Frets On Fire forum charters in the growing Clone Hero community. Likewise, the following Anti Hero Beach Episode was a critical setlist in closing the culture gap between GH3 and Phase Shift charters, and became the new standard for Clone Hero setlists.

Jackie originally joined CSC in December of 2017 during Anti Hero 1's development, though she would leave during the development of Redemption Arc.

During her time away from CSC, Jackie organized the setlist Focal Point together with then-CSC member and current Clone Hero streamer Aren Eternal. The setlist garnered decent attention for an independently released setlist. Following Focal Point, Jackie and the FP team began working on Focal Point 2, as well as the spinoff setlist Igniter (focused solely on Extreme Metal) in March of 2020 with a release date of "when it's done."

After a long absence from Custom Songs Central, Jackie returned in June 2020 ready and extremely excited to reconnect with the group and contribute to as many setlists and monthly packs as possible.

Jackie currently releases instrumental metal under the name Aeon Bridge, which she charts quite often. Her main charting niches are neoclassical metal, power metal, shred, and technical death metal.

When she's not charting, Jackie spends way too much time playing RPGs, writing D&D adventures, and hanging out in Aren Eternal's Twitch chat as a mod :3

Appears on...

឵឵ Setlists: ឵឵
Circuit Breaker CHARTS Anti Hero: Beach Episode
Vortex Hero Anti Hero
឵឵ Songpacks/Full Albums: ឵឵
Anti Hero: Beach Sides Galactic Astro Domination Hero 1
Monthly Packs: ឵឵
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