Charters Apr 28, 2018

Jarvis9999 been charting for Guitar Hero/Clone Hero since 2016. He began playing GH around 2011, on ye olde PS2. Needless to say, I sucked major at it for a while, but I quickly adapted. Around 2016, I got my first X-Plorer Guitar, as well as finally got around to installing GH3 for my PC. This marked the day where I began my conquest to become one of the better players out there today, as well as my charting career.

I usually chart whatever I feel like charting; if anyone has suggestion, I'll look over the suggestion, and see if it's something I feel like charting / could be fun for Clone Hero. It just depends on how I feel about it.

I'm a major sucker for chiptune also; I compose occasionally, making custom songs that (usually) cater to the more elite players. Check out my YouTube channel for new releases, as well as gameplay content (Jarvis9999)!

Appears on...

឵឵ Setlists: ឵឵
Anti Hero 2 ឵឵ Marathon Hero
឵឵ Songpacks/Full Albums: ឵឵
Galactic Astro Domination Hero 1

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