Charters Feb 25, 2018

Raspberriel has been playing rhythm games on-and-off since the days of GH2, and has casually followed the community since around 2013. But it wasn't until 2016 that a friend on the Frets On Fire Forums convinced her to try charting. Over a year would pass before she posted her first charts and shared them with streamers like Acai in the summer of 2017, becoming one of the earliest to obtain the charter role in the Clone Hero Discord. After taking a hiatus from charting for much of 2018, she restarted her charter drive in January 2019 with much higher standards than her previous efforts. Since then, she has regained her charter role, (regrettably) participated in Project Restore Guitar Hero 2, and rose from Anti Hero 2 guest contributor to a full-on member of the Anti Hero Team in addition to joining CSC.

Raspberriel sets out to find the gaps in the wide array of popular music that many CH charters have left open, and adapt music she discovers from other rhythm games like osu!mania (in which she ranks in the worldwide top 500), BanG Dream, and Deemo to the 5-fret environment.

Appears on...

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Carpal Tunnel Hero: Remastered ឵឵ Anti Hero 2 Focal Point 2
Marathon Hero 2 Zero Gravity: Space Battle
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