October 2021 - Hard Songs 2

Quarterly & Monthly Packs Oct 10, 2021

This month, we're looking into some tough songs for you to play, and trust us when we say that you will either have a fun or painful time. :)

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This Month's Patrons: ឵឵
3-UP Aaron Ace
Alex Al Alex Van Damme AlphaX79
Anonymous Ash ataeaf
BakedFishy Ben Plath Bill Bouman
Brutesmile Caret Chezy
Chris Langietti Christian Rousselle Christopher Vera
Corkybarks Crashy Daniel Richter
Dico1337 Dillon Aitken djentlee
Dylan O'Quinn Dyllan Kayes Eiriksson
Emma Rhea Gabe Grant Heath
HOGUE86 Jacob Kirk Jaeden7060
Jake A Jake O JiTeuBey
Kaiser_Willem keppetor Kevin Youngman
KhromaticScale Kristian Bouboukis Kyle Adams
LaamasenJupe0 Le Tasty Le Vagoo
LightlessWalk Matthew Lozano Mike Mackay
Moo Cartoons Murk17 Nat
NB Rainer NeroSomething Noah Peppin
Quentin MERIAUX R4ptor666 Ryan Hougland
Shama Skepparn Stephen Treiber
Supahfast198 Swimster05 Tabitha Donley
therealroblowe420 TheWaffleWizard Trey Keating
Tyler Merwitz van wolfe whatever man
William dawe


ArchspireRemote Tumour Seeker
Blitz LunarPhi-dentity Crisis
chibi-techThe St. Helens Lobotomy Incident
DGMDogma (feat. Michael Romero)
First FragmentPantheum
FlaminglogJam at the Beginning
FrontiererGlacial Plasma
George Constantine KratsasArmageddon
GorodSyncretic Delirium
HiromiThe Gambler
John 5 and The CreaturesI Want It All
Keep of KalessinThe Wealth of Darkness
LOVEBITESGlory to the World
Marmalade butcherMirage Age
Michael PaourisDjango's Rainy Heart (for Django)
Mike OrlandoThe Game Show
Morimori AtsushiGigantomakiA (feat. cosMo@bousouP)
Oscar PetersonBody and Soul
pistolpoppin38Finger Licking Good
Racer XViking Kong
sykhroThe Marriage of Celadon
Takenobu Mitsuyoshi VS Daisuke AnayamaMisdeed -la bonté de Dieu et l'origine du mal-
The BurialLights
Twilight ForcePowerwind
U1 overgroundMikansei no jouki kudou otome
Unlucky MorpheusPiro-Piro Ring Night ●3● (Live)
xiHeavenly Blast


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