January 2022 - Charter's Signature 2

Quarterly & Monthly Packs Jan 8, 2022

Here comes the sequel of the "We do what we love to chart" pack! 55 songs picked from the artists we all love, with a largely awaited chart that we could call the "CSC signature"! We love what's in the pack, and so we hope you will love the content as well! :D

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This Month's Patrons: ឵឵
3-UP Aaron C Ace
Alex Al Alex Van Damme AlphaX79
Andrew Hart Anonymous Ash
BakedFishy Ben Plath Brutesmile
Caret Chezy Chris Langietti
Christian Johnson Crashy Daniel Richter
Dico1337 Dillon Aitken djentlee
Dylan O'Quinn Dyllan Kayes Eiriksson
Emma Rhea Gabe Grant Heath
HOGUE86 ITO-Snake Jacob Kirk
Jaeden7060 Jake A Jake O
JhavA JiTeuBey Kaiser_Willem
keppetor KhromaticScale Kristian Bouboukis
Krystal Youngman Kyle Adams LaamasenJupe0
Le Tasty Le Vagoo LightlessWalk
Mads Andersen Mike Mackay Murk17
Nat NB Rainer NeroSomething
Noah Peppin Quentin MERIAUX R4ptor666
Ryan Hougland Shama Skepparn
spoop11665 Stephen Treiber Supahfast198
Swimster05 Tabitha Donley therealroblowe420
TheWaffleWizard Tyler Merwitz van wolfe
whatever man William dawe


Aoic.s.q.n. ("GdbG" Extended Mix)
Arcane RootsSacred Shapes
Bear Vs. Shark5, 6 Kids
Beast in BlackOne Night in Tokyo
Between the Buried and MeFamine Wolf
Black PeaksGlass Built Castles
Blind GuardianThe Soulforged
BucketheadWelcome to Bucketheadland
Car BombEyecide
Chick Corea & Gary BurtonSeñor Mouse
Cult LeaderSuffer Louder
Edward OngZenzenzense (RADWIMPS Cover)
Eternity's EndDreadnought (The Voyage of the Damned)
FearofdarkHopeless Romantic
First FragmentSolus
Genghis TronThings Don't Look Good
I Am AbominationRetainer Sacrifice
Instant Realityturning point of no returning point of no returning point of no re
JakersonNo Rush! Let's Enjoy the Sunset!
KadinjaHenry Call Mash Yes
KinoshitaPositive☆Dancetime (feat. Otomachi Una & Kagamine Rin)
Lamb of GodForgotten (Lost Angels)
LaurAnimosity (Extended)
LOVEBITESWhen Destinies Align
OstrogothToo Hot
PanteraOver & Out
Parkway DrivePressures
Pat Metheny GroupHave You Heard
PeripheryPale Aura
Pour HabitTomahawk
Shadow of IntentWhere Millions Have Come to Die
Silent PlanetAnhedonia
SylosisImmovable Stone
Takenobu Mitsuyoshi VS Daisuke Anayama VS Kai VS Kenji Mizuno VS Kanon OguniInori -warera shinso to tomo ni ayumu mono nari-
The AlgorithmShellcode
Unlucky MorpheusFAITH~Konoha Tengu
Vinnie MooreCryptic Dreams
WeatheredIn This World
Wild DogsThe Burning (Gargoyle cover)
Various ArtistsThe Biggest Shred Collab Song in the World IV

Also includes the whole "Raise the Black Flag" album by Teminite.


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