We've all got a black book of missed opportunities, or in this case, a pack of charts.

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Chick Corea - Armando's Rhumba
Evil-Dog - Asshole
Guns N' Roses - Get in the Ring
H. Jon Benjamin - I Can't Play Piano, Pt. 1
HalfDuck - Secret (SoInhuman Cover)
Igorrr - Parpaing (feat. George 'Corpsegrinder' Fisher)
Jordan Hemenway & The Quiggles - The Sentinel Can Only Watch
Lich King - Mascot War
Marco Sfogli - Andromeda
Mintorment - Better Times
Nightwish - Dark Chest of Wonders
onoken - Lisrim
Rafa Rodriquez - Funck
Shakka Ahmose - Egypt Was a Black Land
Steve Maloney - Bonus Game
Steve Vai - Christmas Time Is Here
Tee Lopes, Jason Willey - Ultracombo (Arcade 2019)
The Omnific - Proem
Tigran Hamasyan - The Grid
Tim Follin - Title Theme