June 2021 - Anything But Metal 4

Quarterly & Monthly Packs Jun 5, 2021

To celebrate the 3 years anniversary of the monthly packs, we've decided  once again to revisit our first theme: Anything But Metal!

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This Month's Patrons: ឵឵
3-UP Aaron C Ace
Alex Van Damme AlphaX1919
Anonymous Ash ataeaf
Baked Fishy Ben Plath Blackheart
Brian Kuhn Caleb Murray Chezy
Christ Langietti Christian Rousselle Christopher Vera
Corkybarks Daniel Richter Dico1337
Dillon Aitken djentlee Dylan O'Quinn
Dylan Kayes Eiriksson Emma Rhea
Gabe Grant Heath HOGUE86
Jacob Kirk Jaeden7060 Jake A
Jake O Jeffrey Calhoun Kaiser_Willem
Kevin Youngman KhromaticScale Kristian Bouboukis
LaamasenJupe0 Le Tasty Le Vagoo
LightlessWalk Matthew Lozano Mike Mackay
Moo Cartoons Murk17 Nat
NB Rainer NeroSomething Noah Peppin
PM R4ptor666 Ryan Hougland
Shama Skepparn Stephen Treiber
Super Plum Swimster05 Tabitha Donley
TweakHard Greasington Tyler Merwitz Van Wolfe
whatever man William dawe Wingsofameme


Æternity - Human After All (Daft Punk cover)
Area 11 - Heaven Piercing Giga Drill
Avril Lavigne - Hello Kitty
Bill Dickens - Straight Ahead (Live)
CupcakKe - Squidward Nose
Daoi Freyr - 10 Years
Foo Fighters - Bridge Burning
Glenn Miller Orchestra - In the Mood
GosT - Genesee Avenue
Henry Solomon & Logan Kane - Hits! (feat. Louis Cole & Dennis Hamm)
Instant Reality - Stranger, Stranger (Resident Evil 4 Merchant Trap Remix)
jar - virt goes to hyrulevania
Joe Satriani - Not of This Earth
Karmakanic - Masterplan Pt. 1
Kero Kero Bonito - The Princess and the Clock
Leprous - Castaway Angels
Mike Dawes - One (Metallica cover)
Mintorment - Forsaken in Darkness
Molly Tuttle - Super Moon
Napalm Death - You Suffer (S3RL Remix)
Nekomata Master+ - AFRO KNUCKLE long version
Reel Big Fish - Sell Out
Robert White - The Rake Hornpipe
Roy Clark - Twelfth Street Rag
Seth Peele - Pumpkin Cravings
Slayyyter & Ayesha Erotica - BFF
Strawberry Girls - Gospel (feat. Joey Lancaster)
Takenobu Mitsuyoshi Vs. Shoji Meguro - The Metaverse -First story of the Seelisch Tact-
Teminite & MDK - Space Invaders (EH!DE remix)
Tigran Hamasyan - New Maps
Toadis - Velvet
Toby Fox - Can You Reality Call This a Hotel, I Didn't Receive a Mint on My Pillow or Anything
Two Door Cinema Club - Undercover Martyn

FULL ALBUM : Dark Hall - Dark Hall


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