Focal Point 2

Setlists Oct 2, 2020
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The sequel to the 2019 hit summer setlist, Focal Point, is here!

Led by some of the minds behind Anti Hero, Anti Hero: Beach Episode, and Circuit Breaker, FP2 is sure to be the focal point of your CH library!

Featuring over 180 songs throughout a ton of genres, spread over 16 tiers and a bonus section. There's sure to be lots of content for you to enjoy!

Organizer ឵឵
Charters ឵឵
Aren Eternal EvaCH FrOogle
iZenPenguin jdurand11143 JRabes
LilithTheFox Miscellany MissMoo
Raspberriel Rek3dge Sygenysis
torqqes XEntombmentX xX760Xx


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