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Facelift is a project organized by xX760Xx with the intent of breathing new life into old content! Have you ever played an old official game chart and thought to yourself "huh, this can't be right"? Well the Facelift team is here to, quite literally, give those old charts a nice facelift.

Taking on every single Guitar Hero and Rock Band game in one release wouldn't make any sense. That is why the format of Facelift is going to follow the Monthly Pack model (without the consistent monthly releases)!

This first pack presents a killer setlist that new and old fans of the GH and RB series can enjoy. Welcome to Facelift!

Organizer ឵឵
Charters ឵឵
CyclopsDragon GuitarZero132 Jaded
Miscellany OHM Raspberriel
Supahfast XEntombmentX