March 2022 - Female-Fronted 2

Quarterly & Monthly Packs Mar 5, 2022

To honor "Women's History Month" once again, we have decided to create a sequel to our first Female-Fronted pack showcasing the talent of many female artists and bands led by women from various genres!

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This Month's Patrons: ឵឵
Hunter Jacob Klander Joey
Joey Doucette John Titor ITO-Snake
Mads Andersen JhavA therealroblowe420
Brutesmile Crashy JiTeuBey
Quentin MERIAUX Supahfast198 Alex Al
Kyle Adams Caret Swimster05
Dyllan Kayes NB Rainer
Eiriksson Chris Langietti Daniel Richter
HOGUE86 Kristian Bouboukis Ace
Murk17 Dico1337 Swagtavious
Mike Mackay Jake O djentlee
Aaron C keppetor LaamasenJupe0
Grant Heath Tabitha Donley Kaiser_Willem
Anonymous Jake A Dylan O'Quinn
KhromaticScale Skepparn Krystal Youngman
fireexitman Nat Dillon Aitken
Emma Rhea whatever man Noah Peppin
Stephen Treiber Ryan Hougland Chezy
TheWaffleWizard 3-UP Alex Van Damme
Gabe Jaeden7060 van wolfe
LightlessWalk Le Vagoo NeroSomething
Jacob Kirk Tyler Merwitz BakedFishy
Le Tasty Shama


AephanemerThe Sovereign
ÆternityBad Apple
AquellexBallistic Bunny (feat. Kommisar)
Arch EnemyHandshake with Hell
Battle BeastFight, Kill, Die
Blood StarThe Fear
Cellar DarlingDANCE
Charli XCXdetonate
chibi-techMoe Moe Kyunstep
Dear ApolloFear
Emily RemlerThe Firefly
entheosThe World Without Us
Esperanza SpaldingI Know You Know
HeartMagic Man
Hoshimachi SuiseiGHOST
Janelle MonáeQ.U.E.E.N. (feat. Erykah Badu)
LutharoWill to Survive
Marina and the DiamondsBubblegum Bitch
mikanzilPallet (ft. PSYQUI)
MimesisCtrl Alt Del
NecropugHungry Demon
Necry TalkieOshare Daisakusen
NervosaFailed System
Ok GoodnightAwake
Polkadot StingrayFREE
Remember SportsPinky Ring
Rolo TomassiEstranged
SeeYouSpaceCowboySelf Help Specialist Ends Own Life
Seven SpiresEncounter
The B-52'sDebbie
Venom PrisonUterine Industrialisation

Also includes the whole "Revive" album by Nemophila.


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