Fuse Box

Setlists Mar 29, 2023
Download Backup mirror (Google Drive) Individual Charts Download Custom Highways and Backgrounds

Welcome to Fuse Box! This setlist is the highly anticipated sequel to the hit 2019 electronic setlist, Circuit Breaker.

Much like Circuit Breaker, Fuse Box is filled to the brim with non-stop electronic bangers, with tons of love and care poured into every single chart <3

Fuse Box comes with 255 Full Difficulty charts, spanning all across the electronic spectrum of music, and even a tad outside of it! With even more variety than its predecessor, there's sure to be a little bit of something for everyone, even those not typically into EDM and its adjacent musical spaces.

Following in Circuit Breaker's footsteps, Fuse Box is best played in its intended order when sorting by Playlist in game. This setlist retains the iconic CB-style tiering system where each tier has its own difficulty curve, leading to a more varied and interesting play order! Each tier has its own loose sub-theme as well, so you may find certain tiers that just hit the spot for what you're looking for in particular :)

And not only is this download packed with the usual chart installs, but there's some extra goodies as well!

I'm happy to say that Fuse Box is the first setlist project to release with its own Video Highways and Video Backgrounds! Feel free to mix and match these lovely assets, and find the aesthetic that suits you!

40 charters worked over the course of 2+ years to bring you this project, and we couldn't be happier to finally get it into your hands!

It's been an absolute pleasure organizing this project, and I'm immensely thankful for all the hard work put in by everyone! Thank you so much to the team, and to you for playing! ~Aren Eternal

Organizer ឵឵
--- --- ---
Charters ឵឵
3-UP Adventium Caret
Chezy DaiJyoubs Deltarak
Eva Froogs Geo
Haggis HattMeafy
iZenPenguin Jackie jdurandTV
JRabes JoeyD KhromaticScale
Mintorment Miscellany MissMoo
Monological Nea7x Peddy
pix_ Pizza22 Raspberriel
Smoochums Spachi Stargazer
Sitckheadz32 Supahfast198 Supradyke
Sygenysis TFG Thesnakerox
Vasasasasa XEntombmentX Xeratek
--- --- ---
Testers ឵឵
John Titor Acxd
PandaRilao TJBV12


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