Charters Jun 30, 2018

Caret (not his real name) started playing Guitar Hero back in 2006, starting with Guitar Hero II. Since then, he always imagined how his favorite songs would play if they were added in a Guitar Hero game. It wasn't until he got back into the series in 2018 with GH3PC and Clone Hero, he made the brave decision to google "how to make songs in clone hero". In summer 2019 the YouTube gods gifted him a recommendation of the funny Vocaloid song “Let’s Say The P Names”. He hauled ass to get the chart of it done as soon as possible. It was all worth it as the chart preview got, like, at least 15 views. He also got that 💸💰🤑 sweet clout 🤑💰💸 by capitalizing on the “penis music” meme.

He eventually made it onto his first monthly pack in November 2020 with the Short Songs pack. He made it onto multiple monthly packs with one of the submissions, Finger Licking Good, being the focus of Acai’s “Country Shredding 2” video. He was invited into CSC 2 years later by charting his favorite band, Odeon.

Caret (again, not his real name) usually sticks to charting progressive and genre-bending music, along with the occasional song about southern cuisine. He really likes charting songs belonging to genres that probably don’t exist (they do now).

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Max Altitude Code Red Volume #1 Bitcrusher: The Lost Charts
Facelift Pack 3
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