Code Red: Volume 1

Setlists Sep 16, 2022

Code Red is the first installment of a series of song packs not centered around a specific theme, the only requirement was just to chart absolute bangers! This first pack has over 200 songs of various genres with a well distributed difficulty rankings; including three full album tiers! Have all the fun and enjoy the grinds, and look forward to the future packs!

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Organisers & Charters ឵឵
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Charters ឵឵
3-UP 7777Villain ACJGaming89
Caret DaiJyoubs Deltarak
Haggis HattMeafy Ismaya Melasrana
KhromaticScale Mintorment Miscellany
Nat OHM Peddy
Pizza22 Raspberriel Spachi
Stickheadz32 Sub Sygenysis
TFG Vasasasasa XEntombmentX


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