November 2022 - Short & Long Titles

Quarterly & Monthly Packs Nov 6, 2022

Did you ever wonder what was the longest song title to ever exist? Or some of the shortest? Or just some random long titles that sometimes don't make any sense? Don't worry, we got you covered!

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3-UP 410,757,864,530 GAY COPS Aaron C
Ace Alex Al Alex Van Damme
Andres Duarte Brutesmile Chezy
Chris Langietti Crashy Daniel Richter
Dillon Aitken djentlee Doune2Sable
Dylan O'Quinn Dylan Zalo Dyllan Kayes
E Kost Eiriksson Emma Rhea
Fatbot44 fireexitman Grant Heath
HOGUE86 Icy Shamrock ITO-Snake
Jacob Klander Jake A Jake O
JhavA Joey Doucette John Titor
Joseph DiSabito keppetor KhromaticScale
Krystal Youngman LaamasenJupe0 Le Tasty
Le Vagoo LightlessWalk Mads Andersen
Mike Mackay NB Rainer Noah Peppin
Nujaforever Quentin MERIAUX Robert Howell
Rudy Ryan Hougland Stephen Treiber
Supahfast198 Swimster05 Tabitha Donley
The Herdsman Tyler Merwitz van wolfe
whatever man


Ben Folds FiveArmy
Caligula's HorseRust
CamelliaSuperluminal Absolutely EXTRA-TONE-ordinary ”Bumpy Ride”(Shredding Whole Your Belonging Space-Time System At The Speed of 1,600 Times the C_0)
Christine LavinRegretting what I said to you when you called me at eleven o'clock on Friday morning to tell me that one o'clock Friday afternoon you were gonna leave your office, go downstairs, hail a cab, to go out to the airport, to catch a plane, to go skiing in the Alps for two weeks. Not that I wanted to go with you; I wasn't able to leave town, I'm not a very good skier, I couldn't expect you to pay my way, but after going out with you for three years, I don't like surprises. (A Musical Apology)
Circa SurviveThe Difference Between Medicine and Poison Is in the Dose
Eva Auroraä
First of OctoberWoo!
Four Year StrongIt Must Really Suck to be Four Year Strong Right Now
Giraffes? Giraffes!She Looked Up From Examining The Freckles On Her Arm And Shouted, “Jesus! I’m Fucking God-Damn Tired Of All This Make-Up Sex!” And He Just Stared Off.
Hudson MohawkeCbat
Kenji Mizuno vs Daisuke Anayamaμ3
Lich KingAttack of the Wrath of the War of the Death of the Strike of the Sword of the Blood of the Beast
LoatheHeavy is the Head that Falls with the Weight of a Thousand Thoughts
NekonomiconThose Creatures from Ganon are Pretty Bad (feat.
Alex Theesen & Kylee Brielle)
Pearl JamElderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town
PryapismeLevel 2 : La notion de chiralité de spin et d'oscillation de saveur des particules supersymetriques définissant un champs scalaire lors d'une transition de conifold en cosmologie branaire dans un modèle ekpyrotique (Scrolling map)
RednexThe Sad but True Story of Ray Mingus, the Lumberjack of Bulk Rock City, and His Never Slacking Strive to Exploit the So Far Undiscovered Areas of the Intention to Bodily Intercourse from the Opposite Species of His Kind, During Intake of All the Mental Conditions That Could Be Derived from Fermentation
Saving SebastianI Hate Bands That Use Ridiculously Long Song Titles to Name Their Songs, When They Could Have Just Chosen a Simple Phrase from the Chorus​.​.​. It Really Is That Simple
Sufjan StevensCome On! Feel the Illinoise! (Part I: The World's Columbian Exposition – Part II: Carl Sandburg Visits Me in a Dream)
Sum 41Grab The Devil By The Horns and Fuck Him Up The Ass


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