Focal Point

Community Projects Aug 1, 2019

Led by Jackie, an organizer of Phase Shift Guitar Project 4, Anti Hero, and Anti Hero: Beach Episode, FP is a brand new, expert-only setlist for Clone Hero containing 150+ songs from 12 charters, and including 4 full albums, 4 medleys, and even original music.

Development for FP began in late 2018 following Jackie's departure from Anti Hero, and was originally intended to be a solo project. It quickly grew far beyond its original scope, and changed from an original goal of 50 songs from one charter to what you see here today!

Organizer ឵឵
Charters ឵឵
Aren Eternal Dillski EvaCH
Geo jdurand11143 JRabes
Luna Miscellany OrangeHat
Psy Raspberriel XEntombmentX


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