The second teaser for Marathon Hero 2, coming November 4th. In this 8-pack, we're upping the ante with the first of 20+ solo medleys, Megalodon, Metallica, Monobody, and more, including some things that don't begin with the letter M.

Charters ឵឵
CyclopsDragon gaebpls jdurand11143
Miscellany ΩHM Raspberriel


Absu - A Song for Ea
Buckethead - Hamdens Hollow
Haken - Carousel
HalfDuck - Megalodon (Jarvis9999 Cover)
Jack the Joker - Venus and Mars
Metallica - The Call of Ktulu
Monobody - Curry Courier Career
Paralydium - Worlds Beyond Solo Medley