Song Packs and Full Albums Dec 8, 2023
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Bitcrusher: Across Systems is the second DLC pack in the Bitcrusher series! Over the many years that I (3-UP) have been around in the chiptune community, I've stumbled upon a number of home computers and consoles that people have made music on. From the dawn of video games, to the end of the 16-bit era, all of these systems have their unique soundchips, so I've made this pack to showcase as many of them as I can.

Song List:
A-zu-ra - Heartless Castle
b4kn - Act V: The Battle at Mammoth Mountain
blower5 - injurious quarter
coda - upshore
DalekSam - Circle Pit
denkiRAS - The Paradoxical Cycle
Extent of the Jam - Burn Zone
Fearofdark - Exit Plan
fleiwerks - Solus (First Fragment cover)
FΛDE - Cocktail Hour
gyms - Magmo's Magical Ingot
irrlicht project - shardz
Jake "virt" Kaufman - Metro City Course
Jammer - Mr Marvellous
Jimmyoshi - Shoot for the Moon
Joe Jeremiah - A-Bit of Classical
John Tay - [Alternate] Doomsday Zone
Kommisar - Turkey Turkey
Matt Gray - Central Park
meganeko - Sharkatzor
Miracle Musical - Labyrinth
MisfitChris - Fake Bit Much
pator - Necropolis
Paul Slocum - Thrust (Rob Hubbard cover)
petet - Soul of Plasma, Heart of Steel
Pigu - Strobes on a SNES Mouse
Pigu - Transcendence in the Dead of Night
Rainbowdragoneyes - Phantom of Yore/Phantom's Legacy
tappy - Bionic City (GG Aleste 2)
Tim Follin - Agent X II (Title Theme)
Tobikomi - The Sound of Thunder
traumatized - Powerful Sample Generator
Various Artists - Bad Apple Medley
Warlord - Rasterized Circles
Yayoi Fujimori - Sunset Park Zone (Act 3)

Lead Organizer & Charter ឵឵
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Charters ឵឵
Caret iZenPenguin John Titor
Miscellany Peddy Raspberriel


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