Charters Mar 14, 2018

Hello my name is NCV, and I am an alcoho- I-I mean, chartoholic!

Only recently did I start this wonderful charting journey in early 2020. After cutting my teeth on a few songs from Thank You Scientist's Perils of Time Travel EP, a global pandemic tethered me to my house for many, many months (not that that's any different from normal life). This gave me overwhelming amounts of free time to start work on Melt-Banana's first album, Speak Squeak Creak.

This long-winded slog of a project, something I named "a tempomapping challenge" at the time, quickly turned into something I would later call, "a psychobomination." While all of the charts within are of questionable quality, I consider this to be the training ground where I honed my "epic charting skillz."

After biding my time, submitting guest charts for monthly packs and sometimes getting in, I acquired the Verified role for the CH server in October 2021. Shortly after that, I was inexplicably invited to join the Miscellany Collective (CSC) in March 2022. Still frankly dumbfounded.

If you're reading this, I'm likely sitting in Moonscraper abusing Joker and the Thief-style wrapping patterns, and getting my chart picks sniped by OHM. Have a nice day! :>

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