Marathon Hero 2 - Preview Pack 1

Song Packs and Full Albums Jul 1, 2020

The first teaser for Marathon Hero 2, coming November 4th. This 6-pack of songs gives you a variety of genres and styles to give a taste of what to expect from the full release. Keep your eyes open for more preview packs and nice surprises over the next few months...

Charters ឵឵
3-UP BurpLeTurtle gaebpls
ΩHM Peddy


Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin, & Paco De Lucía - Mediterranean Sundance/Rio Ancho (Live)
Blind Guardian - Wheel of Time
Deodato - Super Strut
Dream Theater - Blind Faith
Richard Henshall - Pupa/Cocoon/Silken Chains
Shnabubula - Playing Super Mario World While Taking Mushrooms


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