Marathon Hero 2: Expansion Pack #1

Song Packs and Full Albums Jan 14, 2023
Download Backup mirror (Google Drive)

Originally started as a small DLC pack, this first "Expansion Pack" is now available for you guys to enjoy! After the outstanding success of Marathon Hero 2, we decided to start working on a smaller pack to bring you more of that setlist. This pack features new CSC charters who never got to contribute to the original project, songs that were planned but never made the cut and new songs that we discovered in the mean time!

Lead Organizer ឵឵
--- --- ---
Charters ឵឵
3-UP 7777villain ACJGaming89
ArenEternal BurpLeTurtle Caret
Chezy CyclopsDragon DaiJyoubs
DarkWolf Deltarak Derpferdler
Geo Haggis HattMeafy
HellAshes HenryMan73 highfine
Hubbubble Jarvis9999 jdurandTV
John Titor iZenPenguin Jaded
JRabes Just_Tinaaa KhromaticScale
Kira Miscellany MissMoo
Monological NCV OHM
ParallaxDG Paturages Peddy
RandomDays Raspberriel SanicStudios
Sonicfind Spachi Supahfast198
Sygenysis TFG Tris255
Unanswered Prayer Unknwown Charter XEntombmentX


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