Guitar Zero 2

Setlists Jun 22, 2021
Download Opus Download (REQUIRES LATEST TEST BUILD) Guitar Zero 2 DLC #1: Leftovers Setlist Preview/FC Tracker

Guitar Zero 2 is the sequel to 2019's sleeper hit, Guitar Zero!

Featuring 129 full-difficulty tracks, 20 full-band full-difficulty songs, and three full albums, there's enough variety in difficulty and genres to keep everyone from a newbie Easy player to Randy himself entertained! This setlist has been well over a year in the making, and I'm incredibly proud to finally be able to release it to the public after a lengthy development cycle!

Like its predecessor, Guitar Zero 2 will feature semi-regular updates in the form of "DLC" packs. These packs will feature at the bare minimum three new charts each, with the intention of both adding new full-band songs as well as updating Guitar Zero 1-era and Guitar Zero 2 main-setlist with drums and bass.

The first of such packs is already here, though! As you might imagine, over the year and a half this setlist was being worked on, some things wound up on the cutting room floor for one reason or another. They weren't bad songs, they weren't bad charts, they just didn't quite fit in with the vision I had for Guitar Zero 2 by the time . So, grab a copy from the link above (under the download for the main setlist) and enjoy a whole 21 extra songs to enhance the Guitar Zero 2 experience!

FINALLY, Guitar Zero 2 is proud to be the first CSC setlist to officially offer a download with Opus audio! Opus is a relatively new audio format that allows for an obscene amount of compression without sacrificing any audio quality. The result of this is that whereas the regular Guitar Zero 2 file size is approximately 1.3 gigabytes, the Opus version comes in at only 400 megabytes, shaving nearly an entire gigabyte off the download! However, in order to use it, you must be using the most recent version of the Public Test Builds. Support for Opus is not available in any non-PTB downloads.

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QA ឵឵
Boo HattMeafy Kevin Y.


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