Marathon Hero 2 - Preview Pack 3

Song Packs and Full Albums Sep 19, 2020

The third teaser for Marathon Hero 2, coming November 4th.

I (Miscellany) am proud to show you a fragment of what will be Marathon Hero 2's longest chart, as well as my 1000th chart: Ayreon's "Forever Saga"! 11 hours (approximately, as the length is subject to change soon, or not) of epicness will be waiting for the bravest players. Enjoy this 7-song teaser that shall showcase some of the best moments you will encounter while playing this giant of a chart!

A huge thanks to BurpLeTurtle for giving me an extra hand with working on this project!

Charters ឵឵
BurpLeTurtle Miscellany


(Songs by Ayreon)

Amazing Flight
The Awareness
Carried by the Wind
Day Fourteen: Pride
The Dream Dissolves
The Fifth Extinction
Journey on the Waves of Time


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