Carpal Tunnel Hero 3: DLC #2

Song Packs and Full Albums Sep 28, 2023
Download Backup mirror (Google Drive)

We're back again with this thrilling sequel you've all been waiting for – DLC Pack 2 for Carpal Tunnel Hero 3!

Get ready to dive into the music with an incredible collection of over 100 brand-new songs, including more than 20 solo medleys and 7 full album charts!

Join forces with jdurandTV and his team of devoted charters who've invested countless hours into crafting this sensational pack. They've meticulously curated an array of genres and difficulties to cater to all types of players.

Whether you groove to Jazz or rhyme to Rap, this pack has something spectacular for every music enthusiast. Make sure you also download Pack 1 if you haven't already!

We have also put together an additional pack for every individual tracks from past full album charts from both DLC packs! This also includes the individual charts for "Rainbow"!

Download Backup mirror (Google Drive)
Organizer ឵឵
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Charters ឵឵
3-UP 760 Creations ArenEternal
Atomic Chaotrope Chemfinal
DarkWolf Deltarak Eva
HellAshes highfine Hodor1355
iZenPenguin John Titor JRabes
Khromatic Lilithuwu m9
Miscellany NarugaKuruga OrangeHat
Peddy RandomDays Pix
Raspberriel SanicStudios SoulSpirit
Spachi Stickheadz32 Supahfast198
Supradyke Sygenysis Tris255
XEntombmentX Xane60 Xeratek


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