Carpal Tunnel Hero 3: DLC #1

Song Packs and Full Albums Mar 11, 2023
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Introducing the highly-anticipated DLC Pack 1 for Carpal Tunnel Hero 3! With 84 new songs to choose from (11 solo medleys and 4 full album charts)

Our team of dedicated charters have poured many hours into curating this pack, ensuring a diverse range of genres and difficulties to suit every player.

From country to future funk, there's something for just about everyone in this pack.

If you love the Carpal Tunnel Hero series then this will be a fine addition to add to your song library with plenty more packs to come out this year, stay tunes for Pack #2 In May!

Huge shoutout to Khromatic for putting together this video for us!

Organizer ឵឵
Charters ឵឵

3-UP | 760 Creations | 7777villain
Caret | Chemfinal | DaiJyoubs
Deltarak | Eva | Froogs
iZenPenguin | Jackie | Jarvis9999
JoeyD | John Titor | JRabes
Khromatic | Kira | LilithTheFox | Miscellany
MissMoo | Mintorment | N C V
OrangeHat | Peddy | Raspberriel
Revelsa | Spachi | Stickheadz32
Supahfast198 | Supradyke | Sygenysis
TFG | Tris255 | XEntombmentX


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