A-Z #1

Song Packs and Full Albums Aug 28, 2021
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A-Z is a brand new CSC project from organized by iZenPenguin. It will be an ongoing series of track packs, each containing 28 songs: One for each letter of the alphabet, one that begins with a number, and one that begins with a special character (*$% etc.) We're very excited to bring you this first pack and be sure to look out for more in future!


Spiritbox - Aphids
Glass Beach - Bedroom Community
Scardust - Concrete Cages (feat. Patty Gurdy)
Nili Brosh - Double Entendre
Wolfgang Gartner - Ectoplasm
Tiny Moving Parts - Feel Alive
Cosmosqad - Galactic Voyage
Jean-Luc Ponty - Happy Robots
Cannibal Corpse - Inhuman Harvest
Andy Wood - Junktown
Steve Vai - Knappsack
Cartel - Let's Go
Snail's House - Morph
Dream Theater - Never Enough
The Dali Thundering Concept - Ostrich Dynasty
Paul Wardingham - Pursuit of the Weapon
Nita Strauss - The Quest
Scale the Summit - Royal Orphan
The Aristocrats - Stupid 7
Technopath - Trip Cat
SLIFT - Ummon
Onoken - Vijore
In Angles - Wanderer
Traitor - Xenomorph (feat. Gus Drax)
Irene Ketikidi - Yelling Gestures
Periphery - Zero
Death - 1,000 Eyes
Hot Mulligan - "Equips Sunglasses"

Lead Organizer & Charter ឵឵


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