Villainess Pack

Song Packs and Full Albums Feb 14, 2024

Over the last few years, the otome isekai genre has created wonderful villainesses, terrific subversions of tropes, and banger opening and ending songs. With a diverse set of genres including romance, mystery, and comedy, there is something for every anime fan, and there’ll likely be a favorite J-Pop song here for you too! This pack features 27 songs from 12 anime series, as well as an endless setlist. Each chart comes with guitar and drums, and the anime openings and endings feature in the video backgrounds.

The weeb charter who made this pack hopes that these songs inspire you to pick up these series!

The weeb ឵឵


ACCAMER - Nomic angela
Andante ni Koi wo Shite!
angela - Otome no Route wo Hitotsu ja Nai!
Anna - Hana no You ni
Claire (CV: Karin Nanami) - Optimum Combination (Episode 2 Ver.)
DAZBEE - Ibitsuna Kotoba
Eleanora (CV: Rina Hidaka) and Yumiella (CV: Fairouz Ai) - Suki ga Levechi
Elise (CV: Yui Ishikawa) - believer
Enormita - Toge Toge Sadistic
Hanatan - Ray of Light
KanoeRana - Queen of the Night
Maju Arai - Listen
Mayu Maeshima - LOVE or HATE?
MindaRyn - Fireworks
MindaRyn - SURVIVE
MindaRyn - The Reason of Kindness (English Version)
NACHERRY - My Dream Girls
Rae (CV: Yu Serizawa) - Optimum Combination (Episode 1 Ver.)
Rae (CV: Yu Serizawa) and Claire (CV: Karin Nanami) - Optimum Combination
Rae (CV: Yu Serizawa) and Claire (CV: Karin Nanami) - Raise Y/Our Hands!!
Rie Takahashi - Kyoukansarenakutemoiijanai
Serra - Always and Forever
Shouta Aoi - BAD END
Shouta Aoi - give me love me
Shunichi Toki - Another Birthday
Sumire Uesaka - Princess' Happy Ending
Tsukuyomi - Kyuseishu
Villainess Endless Setlist


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