Symphonic Effect

Community Projects Nov 3, 2021

After 3 years in the work, featuring 150 songs, 17 tiers which includes 3 albums, 2 band specific tiers, and a Bonus Non-symphonic tier, Symphonic Effect is a setlist that contains different genres of metal with one thing in common, Symphonic. Each tier is organized by difficulty (Except Albums, Band tiers, and the Bonus tier) (ex. tier 1 Diff:1-6, tier 2:1-6). The Bonus Tier contains different metal songs that aren't symphonic that the organizer picked.

Organizer ឵឵
Charters ឵឵
ACJGaming89 Ba3booo3 Bulbasaruman
Chemfinal Conspiria Deltarak
EvaCH iZiRapidzz mangolatango
Miscellany Mrmeerkatz NicolasPL
Pizza22 RedCremeSoda Revelsa
Samlittlehorns Sheogor Spachii
Stickheadz32 Tavreth TundraL5Z
Unclassicalcellist Vasasasasa XEntombmentX
xShamaNama ZantorGaming


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