Having been around the Phase Shift scene since early 2015, Siavash made the transition to Clone Hero during the summer of 2017. He quickly set up the Anti Hero setlist with fellow Phase Shift charter, 2DHumanity/Aeon Bridge/Jackie, and began a process which would slowly integrate the Guitar Hero and Phase Shift charters. As one of the first ex-Phase Shift charters to be accepted into the community which would eventually become Custom Songs Central, Siavash made way for many others to join the ex-GH3 charters during the development of Anti Hero.

Since then, Siavash has become intensely active in the Clone Hero community, now being an admin in the CH Discord server, the head organizer of Anti Hero, an admin of Custom Songs Central, and being in charge of the Chart Reviewer initiative in the CH server. He has contributed to every major CSC setlist release since the brand's inception, been head organizer of Anti Hero: Beach Episode and the April Fools Day setlist (Galactic Astro Domination Hero 1), and is continuing as head organizer of the Anti Hero Team as they work on further setlists and projects.

Appears on...

Anti Hero 2
Circuit Breaker
Redemption Arc
Anti Hero: Beach Sides
Marathon Hero
Anti Hero: Beach Episode
Vortex Hero
Galactic Astro Domination Hero 1
Anti Hero

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