Shadow of Intent - Discography Pack 2.0

Song Packs and Full Albums Feb 16, 2023

3 years ago, I was releasing on this channel the first Shadow of Intent discography pack,  but now that their album "Elegy" has been out for quite a while, it was time to go back and update things and add some goodies to the pack.

4 albums, a new discography solo medley, extended endless setlist chart and instrumental versions of EVERY songs! (Because I know some people can't stand guttural vocals).

MARCH 1st, 2023 UPDATE: If you have downloaded this pack before the date of this update, please make sure to download THE FIX PACK BY CLICKING HERE. All you will need to do is to drag and drop what's within the zip file INSIDE the Shadow of Intent Discography pack folder, and overwrite the charts that needed an update. If you're playing on ScoreSpy, playing the original versions will NOT count towards the leaderboards!

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