Back in 2016, Not Rek3dge (real name Rek3dge) began charting for various streamers around the internet, sending them very sub-par metal and rock charts consistently. As time went on he started developing his ability and looking for ways to chart the most accurate chart possible, however, failed to do so and was criticized for looking into accuracy and not realizing that this is still a game. Around this time Not Rek3dge was invited by jdurand11143 to join the early stages of CSC. After this era Not Rek3dge charted a few more metal songs, but after realizing that guitar had a very consistent style of charting, he looked for more interesting songs and ways to chart songs. That brings us to now, charting mostly Neoclassical, Speedcore and other obscure genres. He even turned a few of them into mod charts.

Although Not Rek3dge is a bit of a freeloader, contributing only to Carpal Tunnel Hero 2, his own personal setlist The Not Reklist and a few of his own projects. Not Rek3dge is always looking for new ways to play or approach the game.

Appears on...

Galactic Astro Domination Hero 1
Carpal Tunnel Hero 2

Not Rek3dge's Setlist [Not Reklist]

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