October 2022 - Extreme Metal 3

Quarterly & Monthly Packs Oct 8, 2022

Welcome to our 3rd edition of the Extreme Metal monthly pack! From classic bands to more obscure ones, from strumming to tapping, these songs will be here to challenge you! Does not include Extreme, the band.

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This Month's Patrons: ឵឵
3-UP Aaron C Ace
Alex Al Alex Van Damme Andres Duarte
Brutesmile Caret Chezy
Chris Langietti Crashy Daniel Richter
Dillon Aitken djentlee Dylan O'Quinn
Dylan Zalo Dyllan Kayes E Kost
Eiriksson Emma Rhea fireexitman
Grant Heath HOGUE86 Icy Shamrock
ITO-Snake Jacob Klander Jake A
Jake O JhavA Joey Doucette
John Titor Joseph DiSabito keppetor
KhromaticScale Krystal Youngman LaamasenJupe0
Le Tasty Le Vagoo LightlessWalk
Mads Andersen Mike Mackay NB Rainer
Noah Peppin Quentin MERIAUX Robert Howell
Rudy Ryan Hougland Stephen Treiber
Supahfast198 Swagtavious Swimster05
Tabitha Donley The Herdsman Tyler Merwitz
van wolfe whatever man


3-UPThe Heaviest Matter of the Universe (Gojira cover)
AethericA Masterful Deception
BenightedImplore the Negative
Broken by the ScreamMera Mera Señorita
Car BombBest Intentions
Car BombMeta Strum Tech Medley
Cattle DecapitationForced Gender Reassignment
DeathEvil Dead
DeathFuckingCuntUngodly Violation
EmperorYe Entrancemperium
Enfold DarknessIn the Galleries of the Utmost Evil
Eva AuroraPanacea
First FragmentPsychan (Apothéose, Pt. 2)
Frontierer/ Hope
HANABIE.We Love Sweets
Ion DissonanceYou People Are Messed Up
MeshuggahNew Millennium Cyanide Christ
NecrophagistOnly Ash Remains
NOMVDICI Would Get Lost In You Forever If You'd Let Me
Seven SpiresFearless
Solitude AeturnusOpaque Divinity
Thy Art Is MurderSlaves Beyond Death
VredehammerWinds of Dysphoria


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