New Beat

Community Projects Oct 11, 2021

New Beat was started as the first Clone Hero focused drum project back before drums were in the game. As drums have slowly been updated, we've added all the fancy new features such as roll lanes, dynamics, double bass modifier, star power activations and more.

Each song will contain a minimum of expert lead guitar and expert pro drums, although you may see the occasional extra instrument or extra difficulty. The project also aims to have a good variety of genre and difficulty.

We hope New Beat can appeal to as many people as possible, from seasoned drummers to guitar only players with a budding interest in drums!

Organizers ឵឵
Smoochums BulbaSaruman
Charters ឵឵
3-UP Boo BulbaSaruman
CyclopsDragon GanonMetroid Gigakoops
JaysonTM Pizza22 Raspberriel
Smoochums XEntombmentX


Fearofdark - An Earth Made of Molten Rock
Dropkick Murphys - The State of Massachusetts
Unleash the Archers - Awakening
cosMo@bousou-P - OverDriveTrain
Yoink - Spirit Bomb
Igorrr - Brutal Swing
The Cromagnon Band - Lusitania
Billy Talent - Try Honesty
DAY6 - Congratulations
Hail the Sun - Glass: Half-Empty
Army of Anyone - Goodbye
Jeff Williams - Dream Come True (feat. Casey Lee Williams)
E.G.G - Got more raves? -Full Ver.-
Moron Police - The Phantom Below
Afterglow - Hey-day Capriccio
Anup Sastry - Nemesis
Juicy J - Bandz a Make Her Dance (feat. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz)
Mick Gordon & Chad Mossholder - The Super Gore Nest
Meshuggah - obZen
Death Grips - Voila
Zeroesque - Hat Hair
Testament - F.E.A.R
Decadawn - The Running Man
Dio - Wild One
Deep Purple - Pictures of Home


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