Miscellaneous Pack #2

Song Packs and Full Albums Feb 16, 2023

After 2 years, the second installment of Miscellany's "Miscellaneous Pack" has finally arrived! Over 100 charts; new ones and recharts and 3 full albums are the things you will find this time.

Just like the first pack, this one contains various type of charts, from Expert only to Full Band/Full Difficulty.

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Allegaeon - Proponent for Sentience I - The Conception
Allegaeon - Proponent for Sentience II - The Algorithm
Allegaeon - Proponent for Sentience III - The Extermination
Almôra - 1945 (English Version)
Almôra - 1945 (Turkish Version)
Andy James - Ever After
Ayreon - The Human Equation
BABYMETAL - Syncopation
Beartooth - Devastation
Booba - Mona Lisa (feat. JSX) (Overchart)
Brothers of Metal - Powersnake
Bulb - Fucking Fuck
Children of Bodom - Prayer for the Afflicted
Christophe Héral - The Tricky Treasure
Disturbed - Savior of Nothing
Dream Evil - The 7th Day
Equipoise - Dualis Flamel (feat. Malcolm Pugh & Colin Butler)
Every Time I Die - Religion of Speed
Gojira - Amazonia
Gojira - Born For One Thing
Gojira - Mouth of Kala
Gojira - Pray
Gojira - The Art of Dying
Hammer of Dawn - Fleshless
Hammer of Dawn - Wretches! (feat. Sven de Caluwé)
Heavenly - Lost in Your Eyes
Heidevolk - Krijgsvolk
J.D.K. Band - To Make the End of Battle
Jason Richardson - Titan
Kamelot - The Fourth Legacy
Kfir Ochaion - Bella Ciao
Lich King - Lich King
Lich King - Lich King II
Lich King - Lich King III: World Gone Dead
Lich King - Lich King IV: Born of the Bomb (Feat. Jay Visser & Pat Lind)
Lich King - Lich King V: Stalemate
Lich King - Lich King VI: The Omniclasm
Lost Society - Artificial
METALHAWK - Promentory (Trevor Jones cover)
Metallica - Master of Puppets (Stranger Things Edit)
Metallica - My Friend of Misery
Ne Obliviscaris - And Plague Flowers the Kaleidoscope
NinDjent0 - Ganon's Castle
NinDjent0 - Pokemon Center
Paledusk - WIND BACK
Persefone - An Infinitesimal Spark / One of Many... (feat. Paul Masvidal)
Persefone - Living Waves (feat. Paul Masvidal)
Persefone - Prison Skin
Persefone - Prison Skin (Instrumental)
Powerglove - Inspector Gadget
Powerglove - Kraid's Lair
Reflections - Shadow Self
Rhythm of Fear - Over and Out (Pantera cover)
Scott Steiner - Professor Scott Steiner's Typography
Slice The Cake - Homecoming (Live from Techabilitation 2020: At Home)
Spiritbox - Constance
Strapping Young Lad - Wrong Side
Testament - Powerslave (Iron Maiden cover)
The Acacia Strain - Above
The Black Dahlia Murder - I Worship Only What You Bleed
The Pretty Reckless - And So It Went (feat. Tom Morello)
Thy Art Is Murder - They Will Know Another
Tim Stoney - Bloody Tears
Transatlantic - Conquistador (Procol Harum cover)
Vektor - Charging the Void
Vektor - Dead by Dawn

This pack includes Badlands' self-titled album, Rhythm of Fear's "Maze of Confusion" album and Trivium's "In the Court of the Dragon" album.


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