May 2023 - Recent Releases (2022 - 2023)

Quarterly & Monthly Packs May 7, 2023

Welcome to this month's monthly pack! Today we are sharing with you some of the hottest releases that happened in the past year and a half!

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This Month's Patrons: ឵឵
3-UP 410,757,864,530 GAY COPS Aaron C
Ace Alex Al Alex Van Damme
Andres Duarte ataeaf Brutesmile
Chezy Chris Langietti Crashy
Daniel Richter DirtyhertZ djentlee
Doune2Sable Dylan O'Quinn Dylan Zalo
Dyllan Kayes E Kost Eiriksson
fireexitman forsetha Grant Heath
HOGUE86 HyperSugar Icy Shamrock
Intars Students ITO-Snake Jacob Klander
Jake A JhavA Joey Doucette
John Titor keppetor KhromaticScale
LaamasenJupe0 Le Tasty Le Vagoo
LightlessWalk Mads Andersen minecraftpig
NB Rainer Noah Peppin Nujaforever
Quentin MERIAUX Robert Howell Rudy
Ryan Hougland SerotoninMachineBroke Stephen Treiber
Supahfast198 sussycrewmate Swimster05
The Herdsman Tyler Merwitz van wolfe
Wrighty Plays


100 gecsDoritos & Fritos
AscensionUnder the Veil of Madness {Full Song}
Under the Veil of Madness
Power of a Thousand Suns
Pages of Gold
BABYMETALMirror Mirror
Dark ForestUnder the Greenwood Tree
Dear SherlockDon Pablo
EchoLaneLearning to Windsurf
Eli "Paperboy" ReedI Came to Play (IDKWYCTD)
HakenSempiternal Beings
HellripperGoat Vomit Nightmare
Jesus PieceFTBS
Kessoku BandHitoribocchi Tokyo
LiquorworksI Wish I Could Taste Something One More Time
Louis ColeBitches
LOVEBITESSoldier Stands Solitarily
Meet Me @ the AltarSay It (To My Face)
MegadethNight Stalkers (feat. Ice-T)
Origami AngelThank You, New Jersey
Phantom SpellThe Phantom's Spell
RoughSketchLittle Red Riding Hood
Scar SymmetryScorched Quadrant
Shadow of IntentThe Migrant
Spire of LazarusMask of the Wraith (feat. Max Nagl)
SpiritboxThe Void
Static Dress...Maybe!!?
Tanger & SunnexoAny%
The Dali Thundering ConceptEnter the Limbo (feat. Aaron Matts & Clem RICHARD)
The ToxhardsÆngus, The Prize-Winning Hog
Tokoyami Towaborn to be real
Tomoya OhtaniOne Way Dream (feat. NateWantsToBattle)
VenjentCreate Machines

This pack also features the entirety of Periphery's "Periphery V: Djent Is Not a Genre"


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